Telemak is a leader in webcasting and streaming content delivery solutions for mobile and broadband networks

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We provide businesses worldwide with reliable, professional level tools to produce, manage and distribute multimedia content over the internet and mobile devices.

Founded in 1994, Telemak is one of Europe's industry leading webcast, streaming media and mobile TV service providers for a multitude of markets such as corporate and SME, Media and Entertainment, Sports, Government and Education. New standards and technologies such as Web 2.0, mobile (2G, 3G, HSDPA and DVB-H), MPEG 4, H264, podcast and many more are our day to day life for providing the best possible video and audio to your computer, mobile device or television.

Whether you operate on Mac, Windows or Linux, run Real, Windows Media, Flash, QuickTime, MP3 or MPEG, and even 3GPP, H264 and AVC, we can encode, stream and deliver it!
We specialize in high quality encoding of audio and video for live and/or on-demand events.
We offer products and services ranging from the actual capturing, editing, hosting, monitoring and reporting of your streaming media content files and sites.
You can count on us to provide a full webinar of your convention, or webcast your event to any worldwide audience. Solutions for shareholder meetings, investor relations, employee communications and public relations are available from Telemak without a hassle to you.

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Telemak has run webcasts and streaming projects in over 20 countries and delivers content in every country that has internet access in the world.

Streaming = green

Imagine how much raw materials, chemical production, packaging, printing, storage and shipping it would take to distribute millions physical video tapes and DVD's per day.

Imagine how much energy is wasted to broadcast radio and television through the air, via satellites and cable networks. Imagine how much people are travelling every day around the world to attend meetings, presentations and lectures.

By using online and mobile streaming through Telemak you are using by far the most economical and environmental friendly way to communicate and distribute your content across the globe.
Act responsible. Act now.

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